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Crystex Composites, LLC

Company Name: Crystex Composites, LLC
Country: USA
Adress: 125 Clifton Boulevard Clifton,
ZIP: 07011
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Crystex Composites is the manufacturer and distributor of Mykroy/Mycalex glass/mica ceramic. Our Mykroy material is available in machinable grades suitable for processing with standard carbide tooling and in moldable grades that require no post firing. As a result, the material can accommodate metal inserts during molding similar to thermoplastics processing. Mykroy does not burn nor outgas. It provides dimensional stability at temperatures ranging from -400°F to 1600°F. With its low thermal conductivity and high dielectric strength, Mykroy is one of the best thermal and electrical insulation materials. These insulative properties along with high compressive strength, zero flammability, and non-carbonization or out gassing even beyond its high temperature limits, make Mykroy an excellent alternative to high performance plastics. It is also impervious to moisture, oils, and gases. With over 60 years experience machining and molding glass bonded mica, our shop offers fast turnaround with exceptionally tight tolerances to .0001”. Since Mykroy is softer than all other machinable ceramics, fabrication of intricate or complex shapes is fast and easy. Mykroy can be drilled, bored and tapped and can accommodate helicoil inserts.

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